Meeting documents

Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Tuesday, 20th October, 2015 7.00 pm

 Minutes for this Meeting 
 Agenda Front Page 
 Agenda Papers 
2.Declarations of Interest
3.Minutes – to approve the Minutes of the Meeting of this Committee held on the 22nd September 2015 
4.Part I – Matters Referred to the Committee in Relation to Call-In of a Decision made by the Cabinet - None for this Meeting
 Part II – Responses of the Cabinet to Reports of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee - None for this Meeting
 Part III – Ordinary Decision Items
 A More Strategic Approach to Scrutiny – The Chief Executive wishes to discuss his thoughts on adopting a more strategic approach to scrutiny
5.This report provides an update for members on the impact of policy changes introduced in July 2014 for disabled adaptation work to council homes; information on the levels of spend on such work (including in relation to similar housing providers) and commentary on levels of demand.
 Disabled Adaptions to Council Homes 
6.Following a review of the Mayoralty in 2010 some amendments were made to its day-to-day functioning. These amendments were introduced at the start of the municipal year in May 2011. An update report on the effect of these changes was considered by Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 25th September 2012. At that meeting the report was noted subject to it being acknowledged that the Committee would not wish to see the Mayor restricted by the budget in their role as Ambassador to the Borough and that the effect of changes be further reviewed in three years’ time. This report presents information for the 2012/13 2013/14 and 2014/15 Mayoral years.
 Review of changes made to the Mayoralty following the O&S Review in 2010 
7.Part IV – Information/Monitoring Items
 Future Reviews and Report Tracker