Meeting documents

Audit Committee
Thursday, 28th September, 2017 7.00 pm

 Agenda Front Page 
 Agenda Papers 
 Minutes of this Meeting 
2.Declarations of Interest
3.Minutes – To approve the Minutes of the Meeting of this Committee held on the 11th July 2017 
4.Part I – For Decision
 The report provides the Committee with a copy of the Business Continuity Planning audit report issued in August 2017. Our conclusion is the controls offer only weak assurance and need further support to work consistently at an effective level.
 Business Continuity Planning 
5.Presentation from Strategic Risk Owners
6.This report updates on the progress made towards the areas of review highlighted by the 2016-2017 Annual Governance Statement
 Annual Governance Statement – Progress on Remedying Exceptions 
7.Part II – Monitoring/Information Items
 Twice a year the Audit Committee considers the Council’s Strategic Risks and is asked to note the updated assessments and to agree the adequacy of key controls and the mechanisms for monitoring and mitigation. This report fulfils those obligations. Since adoption of the risk approach agreed in 2015 monitoring and assessment of strategic risk has been an evolving process so some of the risk titles and descriptors have been amended to better reflect the risk factors. It has been proposed however to have a more major review of the risk framework so this should be the last time risk will be presented in this format to Members. A new framework is currently being developed by the Audit Partnership in tandem with the Corporate Policy Economic Development & Communications Team and is scheduled to be presented to Audit Committee in March 2018.
 Strategic Risk Management 
8.Strategic Risk Management Training
9.External Audit Progress Report 
10.Report Tracker and Future Meetings