Meeting documents

Selection & Constitutional Review Committee
Thursday, 9th March, 2017 6.30 pm

 Minutes for this Meeting 
 Agenda Front Page 
 Agenda Papers 
2.Declarations of Interest
3.Minutes – To approve the Minutes of the Meeting of this Committee held on the 8th December 2016 
4.Part I – For Decision
 The report recommends amendments and additions to the Responsibility for Functions in order to remove gaps in the delegations and to clarify provisions
 Changes to the Responsibility for Functions 
5.A recent internal audit of Members’ Allowances identified some minor inconsistencies within the Scheme that would benefit from review and clarification. This report presents minor amendments to the Scheme to reflect those recommendations by Internal Audit.
 Amendments to the members’ Allowances Scheme 
6.Part II – For Information - None for this Meeting