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Licensing Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Cllr Andrew Buchanan, 20 Magazine Road, Ashford, Kent, , TN24 8, 01233 627696, ,
Cllr Michael Burgess, Fairfield, Magpie Hall Road, Stubbs Cross, Ashford Kent, TN26 1HG, 01233 628387, 07787 360533,
Cllr Peter Feacey, 40 Viburnum Close, Ashford, Kent, , TN23 3LB, 01233 632447, 07788 482053,
Cllr Larry Krause, Stable Cottage, Church Lane, Hothfield, Ashford Kent, TN26 1EL, 01233 643497, ,
Cllr David Ledger, 8 Park Farm Close, Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent, TN26 1LD, 01233 733540, ,
Cllr Winston Michael, 12 Dexter Close, Boughton Aluph, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4QG, 01233 636644, ,
Cllr Alan Pickering, Coach House, Harbourne Lane, High Halden, Ashford Kent, TN26 3JF, , 07961 122162,
Cllr Andy Rogers, 129 Bentley Road, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0HS, 07596 262062, ,
Cllr Neil Shorter, Little Dexter, Magpie Hall Road, Stubbs Cross, Ashford Kent, TN26 1HF, 01233 624809, 07827 253400,
Cllr David Smith, Lysander, Royds Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 0DP, 01233 627764, 07880 722844,
Cllr Lyn Suddards, 35 Queen Street, Ashford, , , TN23 1RF, 07868 459425, ,
Cllr Jenny Webb, 7 Upper Denmark Road, Ashford, Kent, , TN23 7TZ, 01233 636939, 07854 424197,
Cllr Liz Wright, Milden Cottage, Mill Lane, Willesborough, Ashford Kent, TN24 0QG, , 07956 076912,