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Section 106 Agreements - Annual Progress Report

17/09/2019 - Section 106 Agreements - Annual Progress Report

The report provided an opportunity to demonstrate how contributions were being collected and applied in a proper way and that the monitoring of Section 106 contributions remained robust. The report reinforced the fact that Section 106 was an important resource stream and that Officers were prepared for any legislative changes. It also included details of new contributions negotiated, an accounts update, funds received from existing agreements and an update on projects being funded by Section 106 funding. The Portfolio Holder thanked the Officers involved for compiling the report and advised that he had proposed that he or his Deputy Portfolio Holder be involved in future S106 Working Group meetings to provide some extra oversight.


The Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Wellbeing wondered if more pressure could be put on the NHS/CCG to apply for Section 106 funding as there was only one reference to them in the report and she knew that residents would expect more to be being done for healthcare. The Leader said he agreed with this sentiment and said that this was something that should be raised with NHS representatives whenever they had a chance for dialogue.




That the report be endorsed and made available online to provide information to the public and provide a transparent record of Section 106 activity over the last financial year.