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Chilham Conservation Area Management Plan

24/06/2020 - Chilham Conservation Area Management Plan

The Portfolio Holder introduced the report which advised that Local Planning Authorities were obliged to designate, as Conservation Areas, any parts of their own area that were of special architectural or historic interest, the character and appearance of which it was desirable to preserve or enhance. There were 43 Conservation Areas in the Borough and the appraisals that supported them were mostly completed in the 1980s and 1990s. In the context of updated guidance on appraisals by Historic England, and the need to remain consistent with both the changing nature of Conservation Areas and with the National Planning Policy Framework in its requirement for an up to date evidence base, a programme of updating the appraisals continued. As part of the process, management plans for future preservation and enhancement were suggested based on a clear understanding of the qualities that gave an area its distinctiveness. Adoption of this Plan would provide solid evidence to support development management decisions, and enable better defence of the Council’s case at planning appeals. The Portfolio Holder considered the content of the report, in terms of the research that had been undertaken and the consultation with the community, was outstanding.




That the content of the Chilham Conservation Area Management Plan be agreed.




That the Chilham Conservation Area Management Plan be adopted.