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Broadband Update

04/08/2020 - Broadband Update

The Portfolio Holder introduced the report which analysed the latest data on fixed and mobile telecommunications access within the Borough. It updated Members on the activities undertaken to attract investment and improve infrastructure within the Borough by private sector operators - in particular the implementation of Policy EMP6 within the Ashford Local Plan. The report also set out the potential areas to prioritise moving forward and the importance of broadband and telecommunications infrastructure within the Council’s Recovery Plan. He particularly drew attention to Paragraphs 26 and 27 of the report which detailed the future priorities and risk assessment, and he thanked Officers for producing a terrific report.




That    (i)         the content of the report and the broadband work undertaken in   recent years be noted.


(ii)        it be noted that the delivery of broadband is a key priority in the Council’s Recovery Plan.