Committee details


Purpose of committee

Since 2001 the council has operated under an Executive and Leader system, and since 2007 the “strong Leader” model.

The Executive, comprising the Leader, the Cabinet and certain other parts of the Council’s decision-making machinery, is the part of the council which is responsible for most day-to-day decisions.  The Cabinet is made up of the Council Leader and up tp nine other Cabinet Members. These Cabinet Members are also known as Portfolio Holders and they are each responsible for specific functions and/or service areas (known as Portfolios).


Unless the Leader decides otherwise, the Cabinet is responsible for;


·         any Executive functions or decisions which involve a recommendation to the Council including budget and policy proposals.


·         making key decisions on any matter in the Schedule of Key Decisions and included in the budget.


The Cabinet also receives and responds to reports to the Cabinet (Executive) from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Monitoring Officer and the Chief Finance (Section 151) Officer; and recommendations from Council.



General responsibilities

The general responsibilities of all Cabinet Members include:

  • To identify and encourage public participation and consultation ensuring effective communication of council policies and strategies (as contained in the Corporate Plan and other plans) to all members of the council, staff, residents of the borough, partners and stakeholders
  • To promote the objectives of the council as contained in the Corporate Plan
  • To encourage external organisations to work in partnership with the council
  • To develop new policies consistent with the overall strategic approach of the council
  • To encourage an inclusive approach to the development of new or revised policies ensuring that other sections of the council's structure and individual members are able to contribute
  • To establish targets and monitor performance in relation to the council's policies and strategies
  • To speak on behalf of the council
  • To represent the council on relevant external bodies to which they are appointed by the council or Selection and Constitutional Review Committee
  • To request or commission research or other studies on matters of policy or service provision whether external or via other parts of the council's political management structure
  • To refer to the Cabinet any matters with corporate implications
  • To prepare responses to consultation papers issued by the government and other organisations in relation to those functions within the purview of the Cabinet
  • To give guidance on budget priorities
  • To develop proposals for the effective use of land and property in partnership with other stakeholders where appropriate
  • To receive representations from councillors acting in their capacity as Ward Members in relation to the provision of services to residents within their area



The Cabinet Members, and their areas of responsibility, are;


Cllr Noel Ovenden – Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Prosperity and Resource

External Role at National, Regional and local level including Joint Working

Overall vision and strategic direction

Budget – Revenue & Capital Spend

ICT and Digital Services


Cllr Steve Campkin – Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Climate, Environment and Transport

Climate Change

Air Quality

Waste & Recycling

Sustainable Transport

Cycling strategy

Parking Strategy


Cllr Bill Barrett

Cabinet Member for Homes & Homelessness

Strategic Housing

Homelessness & Rough sleeping

Landlord Services


Cllr Simon Betty

Cabinet Member for Economic Growth & Investment

Corporate Property

Special Projects

Town Centre Assets

Regeneration Sites

Car Parks (Assets)


Cllr Linda Harman

Cabinet Member for Planning, Housing Delivery & Communication

Planning & Neighbourhood Planning

Building Control

Planning Enforcement

Oversight of PR and Communications


Cllr Heather Hayward

Cabinet Member for Performance and Direction



Service Innovation

Promotion, Tourism

Art, Heritage & Culture


Cllr Dawnie Nilsson

Cabinet Member for People & Services

Human Resources

Customer Services


Cllr Kate Walder

Cabinet Member for Recreation and Public Spaces

Land Management

Waste & Recycling (Contract)

Town Centre Public Realm

Sports & Community facilities

Oversight of Legal Services


Cllr Liz Wright

Cabinet Member for Communities & Health

Health & Wellbeing

Environmental Health

Equality & Diversity

Safer Streets

Older persons and Ageing well

Overview of Port Health






Contact information

Support officer: Member Services Telephone: 01233 330349. e-mail: