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Corporate Performance Report (Quarter 4) and Annual Performance Report 2019/20

30/06/2020 - Corporate Performance Report (Quarter 4) and Annual Performance Report 2019/20

The Leader introduced the report which presented the Council’s Annual Performance Report. The report was an important pillar of the Council’s transparency agenda and looked at the achievements and milestones realised by the Council in the context of the Corporate Plan 2015-2020. It also summarised performance against the Council’s suite of Key Performance Indicators for the year 2019-20.


The Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Wellbeing emphasised the gas safety certificates for ABC properties and whilst the overall figure was 99.93% with up to date certificates, this still meant there were seven properties that were overdue and he hoped that would be redressed as soon as possible.


The Deputy Leader welcomed the report and said that the data within it and some of the achievements could be used to aid the recovery phase from the pandemic. Examples included infrastructure delivery at M20 Junction 10a and other road projects, commitment to projects in the town centres and the Council’s own house building strategy.




That the contents of the Annual Performance Report be noted and approved for publication on the Council’s website.